Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cody's Story / My Story / Harvey's Story

I have decided to add another on-going section to my blog, which will cover stories about LDS Family Services, or LDS adoptions in general. Last night I came across a very sad story of yet another child basically kidnapped by LDS Family Services. It is a familiar tale, not surprising at all ... and I believe this aspect of the Mormon church needs to be covered for all to learn about.

LDS Family Services, like the Mormon hierarchy and leaders -- is rotten and corrupt to the core. Here is the painful video I came across on YouTube:

The makers of the video also have a website that I urge everyone to visit:

For those of you who may have come across my blog recently, and who are not familiar with my story or the tactics of LDS adoption services, please read:


That is my story, along with my brother's, which I emailed to Samuel the Utahnite.

For a condensed version, here is a YouTube video on the subject:

And as another example that this is a regular occurrence, here is a video about yet another man desperate for his child, (and an LDS adoption gone wrong) posted by Samuel:

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