Monday, February 4, 2008

Mormon "Love"

Ahh ... there's nothing like a little Mormon "love" to lighten up your day!
I just thought that for your personal amusement, I would share some of the comments that Mormons have felt the need to write me ...
A fine display of how a "Christ-like" attitude can warm the hearts of those evil, shallow apostates!
I'll continue to add to this post, as time goes on.

" ... you stupid faget ass prick ... asswipes like you you piece of shit ... wow u are pathetic you go and make up the crap to try and make a good people loom bad. wel let me tell you something YOU SUCK ..."

" 'Galatian23': Why are you such a bitter person. Had you committed a sin to be cast out of the Church... like your brother Satan did. Sounds like you've joined his cause, and forgotten about Christ. What made you this way?"

"what i think is we need danites in this day and time.porter rockwell and stilman we could use some more like them."

"My guess is that your are bitter against Mormons because they don't except your homosexuality. It is often the case with ex-Mormons anyway."

"G23 Is a liar look up all her references thye are full of holes. Do as the suggest use youre brains and you will see that she isnt about the truth its about hate and bigotry."

"your sick"

" "Galatian23"Youre not only sick. You're disturbed"

"You are being selfish. These children will get to grow up in strong member families! Think of the blessings they will get, their future testimonies. A single parent (and no offense, but you were disobeying the word of God) would not be able to give that to these children. Think of the people that child might convert as a missionary, the children of those converts! One soul raised correctly is an important matter to the Church."

"You are so full of hate I really feel sorry for you and anybody who has to put up with you. I will pray for your salvation as every wright thinking Mormon would. "

"You're lies will haunt you spiritually in this life and in the life to come, unless you Come unto Christ. That is just a friendly warning from one brother to another."

"Mormons are being shot at targeted by hate groups because of these LIES. You need to STOP! THEIR BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will go to Hell for your lying bigotry"

"...and all you are is a closed minded oppressive tryranical miserable totalitarian A-hole. just your pissed because your mommy didn't hold you enough (or someother Cliché) don't take it out on us just to make you feel more important"

"I only regret that there are no Dannites around to take care of the likes of you now. Maybe we could revive it huh?"

"You are just a sorry and angry loser who got kicked out of the church for your stupid, unfounded, baseless ideas. I know you anti Mormon types cannot stomach the truth and it is a real waste of time to argue.


I can't help but wonder why so many of these Mormons cannot spell properly and have no sense of punctuation. The only logical conclusion is that the majority of them are under 17 years old, or not terribly bright ... and I swear I have not made any of this up, nor have I changed any of the wording at all.

Stay tuned for more heart-warming displays of Mormon love in the future.

(What's most hilarious about this is they all probably give talks on Sunday about forgiveness, love, Christ-like attitudes, but then behind the anonymity of the web they swear, threaten, condemn, harrass and let their true colors show.)

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