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My Patriarchal Blessing

*Note: I remember when I received my 'Patriarchal Blessing' in 2002: that I did not feel the Spirit whatsoever, I was uncomfortable trying to remain perfectly still, and I had a slight feeling that the Patriarch was making the whole thing up as he went along. (Which I later felt guilty for and reprimanded myself over, convinced that it must have been a 'holy' experience.)

There was also the Patriarch's wife - if I recall correctly - who was there and tape recorded the entire session, asking the question "Do you say that to everyone?" about being a 'Heavenly Queen', after the session was done.

What is a Patriarchal Blessing?

For those who may be unaware, a Patriarchal Blessing is a blessing/ordinance given by an LDS Patriarch to 'worthy LDS members'. It's supposedly modeled after the blessings that Abraham gave to his sons. Here are some of the stated 'purposes' for a Patriarchal Blessing:

1) Identify which "Tribe of Israel" the LDS member belongs to.
2) Bless the LDS member with 'knowledge and spiritual gifts'.
3) Give advice, especially about the future.

The Patriarch lays his hands upon the LDS member's head, and receives direct revelation from God, concerning that one individual, which he goes on to give as a 'Blessing'. The blessing is recorded and then later translated to a paper copy, which is given to LDS members. All LDS members are assured of the promises given in the Blessing, as long as they are 'worthy' of them throughout life. (So basically if anything fails to fit, it's your own fault somehow.)

LDS members are told to regularly consult their Blessing and re-read it for guidance, assurance, and advice. Most LDS members receive their blessing in their late teens, mostly those who were raised in the church.

My Patriarchal Blessing:

"Galatian", having been commissioned of Jesus Christ and ordained a Patriarch in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I lay my hands upon your head and give you your Patriarchal Blessing. This blessing will be a guide to you in your life and help you to prepare yourself for exaltation and eternal life in the Celestial Kingdom of God. It is important for you to realize that because of your faithfulness in the preexistence, the Lord has given you the encouragement and a suggestion as to how you may alfter your life to be in harmony with the principles of the gospel.

Dear "Galatian", I bless you to know that you are of the House of Israel. Your membership in the House of Israel grants you the privilege of all the blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Patriarchs of old. Your lineage is through Ephraim and therefore you have the additional responsibility to help prepare the earth for the Second Coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ when He will rule and reign upon the earth and when the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory.

Dear "Galatian", I bless you as you seek to find your way in life that you will find the Church and its teachings to be a great blessing in your life. Your association with many of the saints of God will be a lifting experience in your life and help you to emulate the principles of righteous living that will best serve you. Look to those who are committed and converted to the gospel as role models. Follow them, and thus you will be in good stead. Serve with all your heart, might, mind and strength so that these principles may be distilled into your life. Thus your life may be altered sufficiently so that you may have the grace of God in all things, at all times, and in all places.

Dear "Galatian", I bless you in your temporal living that you will take every opportunity to better your situation, educationally and temporally. Seek of the Lord mightily in fasting and prayer that you may have direction and guidance in your life and that you may choose educational and vocational pursuits which will best suit your needs to take care of your temporal living and your obligations unto your fellow men.

Dear "Galatian", I bless you to know that during your lifetime you will have the opportunity to preach the gospel to your associates. The Lord will place people in your path at various times and in various places who are seeking principles which you have espoused by your acceptance of baptism into the Kingdom. They will see in you a Latter-day Saint young woman who is different from the world and therefore ask questions. Be solicitous in your response when directed by the Spirit that your mouth may be opened and you may speak the words which are placed in your mind so that the process of conversion may take place amongst those with whom you are associating. You will have the privilege of serving in various capacities in the Kingdom and this will give you the opportunity of solidifying your knowledge of the gospel and your understanding of the principles of the Kingdom. In the Relief Society organization you will have the opportunity of developing the talents which the Lord has given you. These talents may be unknown to you at the present time but as you develop and grow in the Kingdom they will be made manifest unto you because of your cries unto the Lord for help and deliverance from the various tasks that will be placed upon your shoulders. You are a multi-talented individual and you need to know that the Lord requires that you develop these talents to the best of your ability that you may be of service in the Kingdom and help you move forward in this great work which has been placed in the hands of the Latter-day Saints.

Dear "Galatian", I bless you to prepare for the time when you can go to the House of the Lord and receive your temple endowment and be sealed to a faithful Priesthood bearer for time and eternity. Your helpmate and companion will be a great source of strength to you as you develop together and as you espouse principles of faithfulness to each other. Your service in the temple will be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life. You will serve long and with great joy.

Dear "Galatian", there are many of your ancestors who look to you for their salvation. Because you have joined the Church, they stand at the doors of the prisons looking out and crying unto you that you seek after them and place their names upon the alters of the temple. It is certainly important for you to have the spirit of Elijah in your life. Thus you may help save the souls of those who have gone before you. Place their names upon the alters of the temples so they may be released from their spirit prison. Then they, too, may eke out their eternal salvation.

Dear "Galatian", I bless your body that it will be strong and healthy and that you will have the ability to resist disease and illness. I bless you that you will have the strength to carry the burdens which will be placed upon your shoulders. You will also have the wisdom to be able to sort through the things which are burdens and which are responsibilities.

Dear "Galatian", I bless you to be free from harm and the accident on the highways and byways of life. Observe rules of decency in your travels that you may listen to the Spirit and be directed and protected from danger.

Dear "Galatian", it is important for you as one who has embraced the Gospel of Jesus Christ to study the scriptures on a daily basis. Become familiar with the doctrines in the Kingdom. Don't waste any time in frivolous activities but become serious in mind in studying the teachings of the Saviour and the doctrines of the Kingdom. You will have the opportunity of teaching in the Church and your studies will stand you in good stead to be one who is authoritative and true in teaching and promoting gospel principles.

Dear "Galatian", I bless you in your associations with your young friends. As you grow on into adulthood, you will have harmony and peace and joy in those associations where your friends will be a strength unto you and you, in turn, will be a strength unto them.

Dear "Galatian", I bless you to be cognizant of your responsibility to keep yourself morally clean, to live the Word of Wisdom, to pay a full and honest tithing and to live the commandments of God. I give you the power over the adversary that you may do these things. Sometimes it will be a sacrifice to pay your tithes and offerings, but remember the admonition of our Prophet -- render unto God that which is God's and He will take care of the rest.

Dear "Galatian", I bless you that you will live a long and fruitful life of service, of kindness and compassion so that when your life is through your associates will say of you that you spent your time in doing good upon the earth and did not mar your life with unrighteous activities.

Dear "Galatian", I seal this blessing upon your through your faithfulness and through your worthiness giving you the power to come forward in the Morning of the First Resurrection where you will be united with your loved ones for time and eternity and take your place upon a throne as a queen in the Celestial Kingdom of God.

Dear "Galatian", I seal this blessing upon you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Through that long ramble of hot air, I can see nothing of real value. It's all very generic, it could apply to literally anyone, and half of it is common sense - ex: pursue an education, decency in travels, etc. Typing this out I remember a couple things clearly:

a) Being disappointed in the talk about the Relief Society Organization as I never liked it and never wanted much to do with it.

b) Feeling guilty that I had not yet done Temple Work for my deceased relatives, after hearing they were all in "Spirit Prison" and awaiting ME (the only LDS family member ever) to do the work for them!

Mostly, it's pure crap. It might as well have come from a fortune cookie, 8 Ball, or hand plucked from a large pile of memorized, long-winded speeches.

If you managed to read even MOST of that -- I tip my hat to you! Boring, isn't it?

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