Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meanwhile back at Kolob ......

Well hello everyone!

 It sure has been awhile. In fact, it's been 2 years! I wasn't sure if I'd even be able to log into this blog or my old email account. Luckily, I was able to do both. It's been a very eventful two years for me, and for personal reasons I was away from this blog. Also, it was nice to take a break from Mormonism-related business and just focus on living life, and not the cult.

There were many emails in my inbox which I never responded to, which is a shame. I haven't checked the email account in nearly 2 years. Rest assured that I wasn't ignoring you or unconcerned, I just happened to be away. Thank you for the kind emails, although it was mainly hate-mail. Some idiots decided they would sign up my email address for dirty websites and spam lists -- most of which went into the 'Spam' folder anyway so they were foiled, much to my amusement.

My Youtube account was flagged and removed from YT (despite being all original material that did not conflict with YT guidelines or policy). Presumably the pro-LDS crowd fanatically harassed YT until it was taken down. I haven't got the time or energy to make another one, although I may post the videos onto this blog at a later date.

I also took down the shop, as I didn't have the time to attend to it and did not want to spend the extra money on it. There were many enthusiasts for anti-mormon clothing, so I might re-think the decision at a later date.

I recently spoke to my good friend Samuel the Utahnite, which served as inspiration to come back to this blog. I originally didn't intend to - because I felt I had nothing to share or say that hadn't already been put out there. But upon thinking it over, I realized that it was important to make my voice heard. My life has changed forever (and for the better!) because of the efforts of other people who exposed Mormonism for the fraud it is. If it hadn't been for their time and dedication -- I might still be in the cult. And since I can never repay them, the only way to pay off that debt is by helping others to escape the cult. It's all I can do.

Despite the accusations of Mormons that we are 'obsessed' and hateful and vengeful - I really do not like thinking about Mormonism. I don't like focusing on it. I don't like to be around it, or involved in it. Most of my good friends now are not even aware that I used to be Mormon - that's how embarrassed I am to admit I was formerly a brainwashed member of a cult. The fact is, the truth simply needs to be told.

In an email, a woman berated me for using a nickname and not my real name. She felt that the anti-mormon bloggers that did this had "something to hide". Yes I do! It's called: my identity! I want to safeguard the privacy of my family. Many of us have had threats (including death threats) and there are all kinds of weirdos and insane people out there - the last thing I want is my full name and information on display for anyone in the world to see. I don't think it's a difficult concept to understand.

 I originally wanted to do some podcasts and interviews, and may still do so. I haven't decided.

 But in the meantime, I will be writing some articles. Mainly I want to keep them short and concise, the general point being to list information, resources, and links that can provide the truth of what I am saying and lead others on to more research and questioning. I won't keep up the effort forever, or even for several more years - but once I am satisfied that I have accumulated enough information and references to be useful to Mormons, then I will take another break or quit. This will be my pet project during moments when I have the time to contribute.

Lastly, if you were wondering where I've been ... I was away ... at Kolob. Yes, it was quite the journey. I finally decided to come home though, as the beer was shit. Plus the hotels and magic underwear were way overpriced.

It's good to be back! I hope to help others and I hope you'll join me in the fight.

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