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Adoption Center of Choice

Tip of the Iceberg?

Well it's no surprise to any of us in the ex-mormon community that aside from the LDS church being a huge con-job sucking in millions of well-meaning people, that LDS Family Services is a rotten, money-making web of deceit, illegal ventures, kidnapping and absolute corruption.

But there is another adoption agency which time and time again comes into the news for its bitter custody disputes, kidnapping techniques and complaints. It's called the "Adoption Center of Choice".

As I mentioned in a previous entry, a current battle going on in the courts is that of Cody O'Dea who is fighting for the right to have custody over his own child whom he never gave consent to adopt out. The reason I included his story, is because originally he was dealing with LDS Family Services who then opted out of the adoption (unlike in so many cases), although they still have their fingerprints all over this story! Read more about it at:

There are several other high profile cases involving the Adoption Center of Choice, which you can look up on Google, read complaints about, or see on the O'Dea's website.

An Ugly Connection?

We all know that LDS is rotten to the core, in everything they touch. Whether it's hiding polygamy, taking in billions in tithes (not accounting for the money), past murders, hiding/buying up embarrassing documents, kidnapping children through LDSFS, doing temple ordinances for Nazis, the list goes on ...

But could there be an ugly Utah-adoption connection?

When we look at the Adoption Center of Choice we find striking parallels in how it conducts itself and the complaints of those who have been abused by it, namely fathers. Could there be an LDS (Mormon) connection?

Everything from the slick maneuvering to the state-jumping, to the winning on gross "technicalities" and more, is classic LDSFS territory.

At, "Kathy" writes:

"Very briefly I would like to say the attorney who represents this fraud-practicing adoption agency is named Larry Jenkins.

His law office is called Wood, Crapo LLC located at 500 Eagle Gate Tower at 60 E. South Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah with a zip code of 84111.

My concern about this agency since this lawyer is located in the same office building where the Mormon church's principal adoption lawyer is also located, is that Adoption Center of Choice comprises an elaborate fraud scheme especially since no contact names are ever listed for this adoption agency."

I myself know little about the Adoption Center of Choice other than the official website I've viewed, stories I've read, and what little information is available on the internet. From what I've gathered there seems to be numerous horror stories relating to this agency, and it just gets uglier the deeper you scratch.

What disturbs me is the fact that Larry Jenkins office building is apparently located in such close vicinity to the Mormon church's principal adoption lawyer, and that his agency uses classic LDS techniques when it comes to unethically giving away children.

You'll remember now that Larry Jenkins is also representing the Neilson's in their on-going battle to keep Harvey. (Although they were court ordered to give custody over to the father until everything was sorted out, they are refusing and continuing on in their illegal and immoral conduct -- with the help of Jenkins!)

Now you can be assured that if the Mormon church isn't completely footing the bill for the Neilson's (which it probably is), then it is at least contributing significantly. Interestingly, the Neilson's did not hire an LDS lawyer, but hired Jenkins. Or is Jenkins LDS? That would certainly be interesting to know!

If the LDS church is footing the bill, then that means that it is paying Jenkins directly.

Information on a Connection?

If anyone has ANY information on a possible connection or links between the Adoption Center of Choice and the LDS (Mormon) Church ... please let me know!

Is the ACoC just another 'secular' branch of the LDS adoption system? Using the LDS techniques and members but going by another name and under different paperwork?

Are the ACoC lawyers and employees mainly comprised of LDS faithful members?

At the very least, do the ACoC and the LDSFS have some sort of working relationship or 'understanding'? Because it seems to me in a lot of these stories, even when the LDS Family Services is not involved directly, the ACoC is conducting bad operations for LDS couples!

Any useful information or tips would be helpful. Thanks.

Also, whenever LDS is involved ... you can always smell money down the trail. It should be of no surprise to anyone then, when I mention that the adoption industry brings in billions a year, and that it costs tremendous amounts of money to become a prospective adoptive parent through the LDS system (and others), and to finalize an adoption.

Here is a great blog that everyone should visit:

Documenting the adoption corruption in Utah -- a full time job in itself!

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