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Gordon B. Hinckley - Deceased.

Wow, thanks to Samuel the Utahnite for cluing me in to this big Mormon news.

Here is a video clip about the life and death of Gordon B. Hinckley:

Some basic Hinckley FACTS:

Gordon B. Hinckley was born on June 23rd, 1910, in Salt Lake City Utah. He graduated high school and then attended the University of Utah. He served a mission in England (based in London), during the Great Depression.

After returning he served many positions and functions in the church, he was married in 1937 in the Salt Lake Temple, and later had five children.

In 1958 he became a General Authority, and in 1961 he became a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. In 1981 he became a member of the First Presidency: Second Counsellor.

In 1985 Hinckley became First Counsellor as Ezra Taft Benson became President; and in the early 90's became President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles through seniority.
Hinckley became President of the LDS church in 1995, after the death of his predecessor Howard W. Hunter who only lived nine months.

Gordon B. Hinckley was best known for: being the oldest living prophet of the LDS church, building numerous temples and churches, being "media-accessible", his "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" statement, the Perpetual Education Fund, and his constant travelling.

He died on January 27th, 2008 in Salt Lake City, Utah, at age ninety-seven.

To read more about Hinckley: CLICK HERE.

Now I really urge all readers to check out the Exposing Mormonism Tribute to Gordon B. Hinckley, which includes the videos below (watch them all!) :

Hinckley distorting the facts on Larry King Live/montage:

 In it, Hinckley tries to act as though the LDS church simply "adds a little goodness and another testament of Christ" to already existing churches, and as though Christians can be 'saved' without Mormonism. This is of course, blatantly false as anyone who ever has been Mormon knows. The LDS church teaches it is the only true church on earth, with the only priesthood authority, the only living prophet, a "restoration" of true Christianity, and that one must accept Mormonism in order to be saved in the Celestial Kingdom. This and many other lies ... err ... "gentle explanations".

Hinckley speaks out against Racism in the LDS church:

Now I put up the previous video just to showcase the sheer hypocrisy of it all. Hinckley says no racist man can consider himself a disciple of Christ, which is interesting when we look back on statements by Brigham Young that were pro-slavery, and showed hatred of African-Americans (cursed with dark skin, disobedient people will turn black, anyone who marries a black person will die on the spot, this will always be so, etc). In addition, we can add the many racist statements of other prophets, with John Taylor coming particularly to mind.

Then of course, there is our modern day. Is it any wonder there is racism in the LDS church? It does teach after all that Black-skinned people are in fact cursed from Cain (Pearl of Great Price), the descendants of Cain, they were only allowed the priesthood in 1978 (not long ago), and that Natives were once white but cursed with dark skin-- and denies their true history and modern DNA evidence in favor of white supremacist religious ideologies.

To top that off, Utah is one of the most racist states in the US, was one of the last to accept Martin Luther King's national memorial day, and unlike other states will still gather for political functions on his holiday.

Hinckley: "Flicks of History" & "It's in the Past"

Two favorite lines of Hinckley's whenever being questioned with anything difficult, including Polygamy and Racism in the LDS church or its history - were to say that those issues are "flicks of history" and "in the past; behind us now". It's amazing to hear considering the immense suffering that Blacks and non-whites endured previously in the LDS church, and the incredible, undeniable suffering of women in polygamy then and now, thanks to Joseph Smith and official Mormon doctrine.

As the video above shows, it is pretty damning. Of course, this coming from "God's One True Church on Earth" and God's 'inspired prophets'!

Hinckley twists and distorts the truth; LIES about Polygamy!

The video title says it all, and the video speaks for itself. What amuses me especially is how Hinckely condemns polygamy and says it is 'not doctrinal' when it is in the Doctrine and Covenants, and previous prophets said it was ESSENTIAL to salvation and godhood.

Hinckley on Mormon Homophobia & Bigotry

Hinckley states: "we're not anti-gay, we're pro-family" but then in the next sentence goes on to say that gay people "have a problem" and the church is "helping" them. He admits he doesn't know if they're born that way or choose to be that way, and says he's 'not an expert' -- despite being the Prophet of God on earth, and leader of his True Church and receiving direct revelation.

Despite "not" being anti-gay, the LDS church has meddled in US politics, supporting bills (politically and financially) that ban gay marriage and equal-rights for homosexuals.
Hinckley doesn't mention the at least 40 or more documented gay & lesbian suicides in the LDS church since 1984, including 3 men in 2000 who committed suicide over the church's involvement in trying to pass Proposition 22: Clay Whitmer, DJ Thompson, and Stuart Matis. He also of course, doesn't mention BYU's history of shock therapy and pornography "treatments" for gays, and other things.

Hinckley gets a BUILDING as a Birthday gift!

It's a good thing that Mormon prophets "don't get paid"! No, they only live the jet-set lifestyle, bought and paid for by LDS Church funds. And apparently if you're really good and live to be 97, you get your own building! That, and the Prophet of the LDS church is also the head of all LDS corporations and businesses (from LDS members' money, without public accounting), and no one knows exactly how much he receives from those. It doesn't hurt of course when a Prophet is white, already wealthy or comes from a long-line of Mormons.

For more on Hinckley's LIES, check out THIS GREAT POST. Give it a read.

Galatian's Note:

Gordon B. Hinckley's run as Prophet will always hold special significance for me because he was the President when I joined, the years I was an active member, and when I left the LDS church.

Probably what I will remember most about Hinckley are his media interviews and attempts to reach out to the press and obtain favorable publicity for the Church. I'm always astonished when I watch his interviews on prominent programs and see him outright lying about Mormon history, doctrines, modern beliefs and church practices. It simply boggles the mind that any true-believing-mormon (TBM) could watch these things and somehow justify them ... but with Mormons it's always "milk before meat" and "lying for the Lord" ... so what if we have to lie to obtain members? If they join and accept "the truth" they'll be thankful later on - won't they?

There's also Hinckley's involvement, and in my opinion - attempted cover-up and damage control, of the Mark Hofmann forgeries and murders. To learn more about Hinckley's dealings in that situation, read "Tracking the White Salamander" and research more in-depth.

It's somewhat sad to me when I reflect on what affection I used to have for the man. As a member I nearly cried one year as we sang songs for Hinckley's birthday at General Conference. Here I thought this was a prophet of God!

Now I only see a frail, elderly man at the end of his life, leading a dishonest organization and pretending to be God's representative on earth. It's difficult for me to respect Hinckley, because I am not even certain he was 'honest' in his faith.

Having grown up in the church and served it all his life, it would be easy to assume and believe that he must be deceived and somehow deluded into believing he speaks for God - and that his dishonesty comes from that.
However, I find it hard to accept that a man with that much experience in the church, knowledge of it, and moderate intelligence -- would not have realized it was a fraud and sham by this point. Being the President, having access to the LDS church archives and restricted documents, having dealt directly with Mark Hofmann and knowing all he does (that regular members do not) I can't quite say that I don't believe he knew it was all a lie but carried it on anyway. Why stop now, after a lifetime of devotion? Being in charge and having people hail you as a 'prophet of God' and treat you like a rock star - why stop it? Having billions at your disposal, flying private jets around the world and meeting with politicians and important figures - why turn it down?

I do feel badly for Hinckley's family because it's always a personal tragedy for people to lose a father, grandfather or loved one. And this is no exception because dishonest or not - he was human and had people who loved him and will miss him.

At the same time however, I can't help but reflect and feel badly for all the families and friends of Mormons who committed suicide due to the destructive teachings and policies of Hinckley and the LDS church. I feel badly for all the missionaries who have died on their missions in the last few years -- all in vain. I feel badly for all the people's lives who have been destroyed by Mormonism during Hinckley's tenure as Prophet.

The man will be praised by Mormons, and perhaps he's done some admirable things in his life; yet I also think of the damage perpetuated by the LDS cult, and Hinckley at the head of it all these years.

On an end note, there is some irony in his death. I generally believe that his life is now over and his body will naturally decay in the earth and go through all the processes which happen biologically. I mean no disrespect by this, I just literally figure that is the case. But even supposing I am wrong and he is 'elsewhere' in some unknown metaphysical place -- I can confidently say that I am CERTAIN he will be discovering that Mormonism is a fraud and that he led a destructive worldwide organization all these years.

So much for speaking on behalf of God ...

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